Reiki - Natural Healing

Reiki is a complimentary therapy from Japan. 

It rebalances the energy system while deeply relaxing the body.  It is helpful for stress related conditions, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia, bereavement and addictions.

Anybody can learn Reiki including young people and children. No special equipment is needed. Your hands are the tools.

A unique benefit of Reiki as a therapy is that it can be used for self treatment.

I offer regular online refreshers and courses for people who have already done a Reiki training or are new to it. 

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Online Reiki 1 training

Free Guided Chakra Meditations available on InsightTimer 

Heart Chakra Meditation 
(click on image for link to Meditation on InsightTimer)

This is a heart chakra meditation with gentle piano music. As the central chakra, everything we experience is taken in and digested by our hearts. This meditation creates an opportunity to pause, tune into our heart and give it the nourishment it so richly needs and deserves. By regularly balancing our heart chakra we are able to reduce stress and maintain equinamity and peace in our daily lives.

Chakra Balancing Meditation 
(click on image for link to Meditation on InsightTimer)

This is a guided chakra meditation with music. It gives a good introduction to the chakras and how to balance them. If we replace the word chakra with energy centre or even 'area of our lives' we can come to understand that each one of the seven needs to be given equal attention and value. Most of us tend to be stronger in some than others. This meditation is ideal for anyone interested in learning Reiki or as a refresher and ongoing practice for those who have completed training.