her whole nature

Women's consciousness, wholeness, wisdom and creativity

her whole nature

How we express our full palette of lustrous colours,
our innate wholeness, natural wisdom and spiritual depth.

How we live in harmony with the Earth,
inside her seasons, cycles and rhythms 
intimately mirrored in our own bodies.

How we recognise the final word is always Love.

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Debra Hall

I am a Mindfulness Meditation teacher and artist-poet. 

I have a B.A. (hons) degree in English and Inter arts specialising in using creative and expressive arts therapeutically.
I have explored and taught contemplative practices, natural healing and community arts for thirty five years.

I have taught creative writing and Batik making as a community arts tutor and completed facilitator’s training with Survivor’s Poetry Scotland. I am a Reiki Master teacher. 

Love for Nature and an acute awareness of what is happening to the Earth features in most of my work. I have deliberately organised my life around the slower rhythms of the seasonal cycles mirrored in my body.

I trained as a rites of passage guide in the Scottish Highlands in the tradition of the School of Lost Borders.

Contact me on debra.ha@hotmail.co.uk