Reiki - Natural Healing

Reiki is a complimentary therapy from Japan. 

It rebalances the energy system while deeply relaxing the body.  It is helpful for stress related conditions, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia, bereavement and addictions.

Anybody can learn Reiki including young people and children. No special equipment is needed. Your hands are the tools.

A unique benefit of Reiki as a therapy is that it can be used for self treatment.

I have been a Reiki Master practitioner for twenty five years.

In addition to my free audios below I will also be offering an Introduction to Reiki course on Insight Timer

Please email me if you would like to be informed when it is available.


Guided Meditations available on InsightTimer 

Reiki Chakra Full Self-Treatment 
(click on image for link to Meditation on InsightTimer)

A guided hands-on or hands-off Reiki self-treatment which includes all seven of the main chakra centres with basic information about each. It is suitable for beginners as an introduction to the Reiki chakra system and hand positions or as a well-balanced and structured self-healing track for Reiki practitioners. It contains music, and a beginning and end bell.

Reiki Self-Treatment With Nine Hand Positions 
(click on image for link to Meditation on InsightTimer)

This guided Reiki self-treatment contains nine hand positions signaled with bells at three-minute intervals, music and an end bell. It is a holistic treatment which includes the seven main chakra centers, most of the minor chakras and other helpful positions for overall healing.

Reiki Music With Three Minute Interval Bells
(click on image for link to Meditation on InsightTimer)

This is an ambient soundtrack without words and with bells positioned at three-minute intervals. It is designed for doing a Reiki self treatment with nine hand positions. It can also be used to time a half-an-hour treatment in a chair or on a therapy bed. It is ideal for beginners who have done their Reiki 1 training and for other Reiki practitioners who would find it helpful to have three minute timings for moving the hands to give a whole and balanced treatment.