My audio meditations, which are all free, can be played from my Teachers page in your browser or through the InsightTimer app which can be downloaded from the app store.

Anxiety Meditation

A strongly grounding meditation without music to soothe and de-escalate moderate anxiety and stress. It includes elements of gently controlled progressive muscle relaxation and breath awareness to activate the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system. It helps to restore perspective and self compassion.

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Sleep Meditation

This is a soothing sleep meditation designed for situations when you can't get to sleep, when you wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep or when you suffer from the 'small hours' negativity and anxiety. It tires the mind naturally by directing awareness back into the sensing, feeling, physical body. It diffuses the overstimulated intensity that the mind accumulates from screen use and over tiredness. There is no ending bell. When sleep comes you will not be woken up!

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Earthing the Mind Meditation

This is a seated meditation without music. It can be done outdoors as a way to connect with the Earth, nature and the deep self through the body and senses. It can also be done indoors for grounding and centering. It enables a deep state of consciousness to be accessed in a relatively short amount of time.

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Touching Source Consciouness Meditation

This meditation with music guides awareness into a deep state of being where it is possible to touch source consciousness. Here we can rest, renew and come home to our true self which is often eclipsed by the thinking mind but is always available for us to return to.

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